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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Rainforest Hideaway

Across the bay in Marigot, St Lucia, there is a neat little restaurant tucked away in the rainforest; aptly named The Rainforest Hideaway. Nature has been preserved around it and the deck has been built above and between mangrove and as you would imagine, it is on the water.
I went to dinner with Roston, my last supper according to him!!! I had been at North American Assemblies for 7 1/2 years.
We were both impressed with the ambience from the time we arrived. We were met when the boat stopped and escorted to our table. The staff were friendly and helpful. The china was superb, the plates for the appetizer were black and square!! Better than that, the food was presented like we were on a Food Network show!! We had two 'side dishes' compliments of the chef: salmon crotini and mint & green pea sorbet.
We both had spiced coconut and pumpkin soup for appetizer and mahi mahi with vegetables for the main course. Dinner was had to the strains of Emerson Nurse's playing in the background.
We left just around 10pm and walked behind the restaurant along a wooden walkaway to a jetty that adjoins Doolittle's property and took the ferry back across.
This neat little place nestled in Marigot gets two thumbs up from me!! Go there for any occasion, it will make it special.


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