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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea??

The much anticipated Sponge Bob In Paradise show came to Gaiety in February 2006. Little did we know the show held at 3pm would have been in the carpark at Gaiety!! The fiasco that it was, saw children standing in the fence, being hoisted by adults or just playing around and kicking up dust!
The show started late because the promoters said they were trying to rectify the lack of chairs. The St. Thomas based promoters said they had sent a rider with specifications and they did not know what went wrong. However, they seemed to have the stage side of the show down to a fine science because that went off without a hitch, it being outdoors and all.
The script was that Sponge Bob Square Pants and his friends came to St Lucia at the invitation of a little girl who had seen him in St Croix. He decided to bring along a few of his friends and they went around St Lucia to enjoy the island. Sponge Bob Square Pants brought along Patrick, the starfish, Bob The Builder, Dora The Explorer and Jimmy Neutron. The visited the capital city of Castries, Morne Coubaril Estate, the Pitons and went to the beach. They learnt to dance calypso music and a good time was had by all. They related the story and thanked the little girl who invited Sponge Bob Square Pants.
While adults were complaining about the logistics, the children seemed to have had a fun time and perhaps were totally engaged by the cartoon characters or the over-priced toys that all else paled in significance. Next time though, invitation or not Sponge Bob Square Pants should stay in his pineapple under the sea if the conditions for the patrons are not as comfortable as Patrick is under his rock!


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