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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hooray for Shurwayne!!

While I am not in Trinidad physically, I am certainly there in spirit!! Having listened to the International Soca Monarch and Groovy Soca Monarch on the radio, I think I had a fantastic seat at the show. Shurwayne has been consistent with his offerings from the beginning and the fact that he was able to sweep both titles tonight is certainly a feather in his cap. Time will tell if he clears the road too for to be a triple crown monarch like Edwin Yearwood did in 1995 (albeit not the same combination of crowns).

I guess it's no longer appropriate to say "uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" after all he has two road march crowns to his name in as many years!!

Germany will definitely be the place to be and now Shurwayne has cemented his place there with the Soca Warriors!!

Reign long and propser!


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