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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cricket World Cup

So the 2007 Cricket World Cup is over. There are a few things that I have learnt as a caribbean person in general and more specifically being a resident of a host country.

1. We all love controversy.
2. If you allow a governing body to take the caribbean out of the cricket, they will!!! Then the rules are changed in Barbados...
3. There is more to the caribbean than sea and sand and the marketing bodies should take note. We actually throw some good parties.
4. Food can actually be more expensive than what we pay at jazz all countries!
5. No matter how good the two artistes are US$40 is bloody well exorbitant!
6. The road projects and the cricket DID NOT go hand in hand. They won't be done for jazz either! Somebody say "project"...
7. The players of the West Indies cricket team are VERY dispassionate about the game. It's okay to win and it's okay to lose. That is a crime against logic.
8. No great discovery but the West Indies team is indisciplined.
9. The Australians are strategic and goal-setters.
10. The Australian players acknowledge their fans while they are on the field. If a player does something good and the crowd recognises it, he waves to them.
11. Are the volunteers more ready for service-oriented businesses now? That was the supposed to be part of the legacy, ent?

Now that I have listed my observations, I am still disappointed that the West Indies did not do better but I am elated that the whole saga is over and I hope the new team learns that cricket is way more than bat and ball it tugs at my heart strings and supporting a losing team for 15 years is painful. Yet I keep rallying for this beautiful game.


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