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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Getting Better

So there I was thinking that Kingdom Night on Wednesday was gonna be the best show for jazz. Well it certainly shaped up that way. Isaac Blackman & the Love Circle and Pastor Donnie McClurkin really sent up some praises to bring the house down. I left there thinking - ha top that now!

Well I was pleasantly surprised to see Andre Woodvine grace the stage with Blue Mango on Friday night. That was good. However, the night belonged to John Legend. He danced, sang, played, conversed...darn. I would travel to see him...okay strike that, doesn't take much to get me on a plane. The band was tight, complete with brass, an organ, background vocals/dancers...the whole 9. Sulan would have approved.

Better could still come though because the likes of Norman Brown, one of my absolute favourites (after Dean Williams of course) is on today. Then I see Arturo Tappin and Ronald 'Boo' Hinkson on tomorrow night. I'm gonna have to re-think the 'jazz is better in Barbados' notion!


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