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Monday, October 29, 2007

All's well that ends well

The curtains came down on the 11th annual World Creole Music Festival this weekend. The saturday was a bit of a disappointment because inclement weather prevented Beres' arrival but Shurwayne, Skah Shah and DJuny Claude did manage to keep the audience thrilled.
On Sunday night it was the last lap and traditionally it was the night with the smallest attendance because there is work on Monday and several visitors travel back the Sunday, not so this time! It was the largest night of the festival. Bamboolaz from Martinique opened, followed by talented Dominican songstress Michelle Henderson. Midnight Groovers was next and they kept the crowd going, I guess being in the business for 37 years, they know a thing or two about entertainment. Beres Hammond took the stage with his Harmony House Band at about 2am and caused us to rockaway and put up a resisitance while he belted out hit after hit. His 75 minute set was thoroughly entertaining down to the musicians dancing and the drummer playing everything on the stage as though they were part of the drum kit.
The Paris-based Kassav was not to be outdone! They took to the stage shortly after Beres ended and kept the tempo going, complete with dance routines. Their three piece horn line was everything we expected as they performed their mega hits and kept the audience involved. Jocelyn does not seem to age and performs with the same spring in her step as would a 21 year old!! She must have found that siwo she was looking for!
Jeff Joseph and Grammacks started their set at 5am and kept patrons rocking until they were done shortly after 6am. Grammacks International is based in Paris as well and it was a quick turnaround for them, they left the island immediately after their show.
It is commendable that in this day and age when there always seems to be the tendency to cleave to a foreign band, that Dominica can find a local band to close each night of the festival and patrons come out to see them and speak highly of their performance. Well done Triple Kay, WCK and Grammacks International.
The DFC is to be commended for yet another successful staging and the stadium has weathered the storm, 2008 is already beginning to look great!!


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