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Sunday, July 08, 2007

White glove treatment

When the confetti settled and the smoke cleared the man with the white glove had them talking!

The Power Soca Monarch was held on Saturday July 7th, 2007 the historic 7.7.07. The Mindoo Phillip Park has NEVER seen such drama! In fact one of my production crew swore he was in another island further south!

The evening started out slowly as 20 persons tried to unseat the 2006 monarch - Alpha. The evening saw the return of Invader and Nicole David to the competition. Ricky T was the first of the heavyweights to hit the stage, he performed at #4 and set a pace with his ever popular Pressure Boom.
The second half saw some dramatic performances from Kakal who elevated his Blah Blah Blah track (no pun intended...I think!)by using an animated skit and a delivery that did not involve much deviation from actually singing the song. Nicole David sang her Roadblock song from atop a truck in the crowd, she took about 5 minutes to get to a position where the judges would see the performance, I am not sure why she was just silently waving during that 5 minute drive instead of hyping the crowd.
Alpha was not to be outdone and he was brought onstage in a cage that was hoisted by a crane. His Insane track borrowed from Machel's and he promised to pay back tomorrow! His outfit was similar to Count Dracula and the dancers had Hannibal masks or afros. There were pyrotechnics and confetti like crazy.
Ninja Dan performed Rise, a track that was in my opinion the best song in the competition and of course if this were Barbados, he would have received the Best Nation Building Song (well okay if it were calypso!) However Ninja has the perennial inability to shine in competition and while there was an elaborate presentation both on and off stage, he did not seem energetic and enthusiastic or to use the colloquialism, he wasn't hungry.
We should be reminded though that while the focus for most artistes seemed to be on having the best fireworks or most outrageous props, it is still a singing competition.
Like I started out by saying though, when all cleared, the man with the white glove emerged spotless. Callix 'Kakal' Xavier won the soca monarch. His track has been a favourite with the party going audience who had even been showing off the signal for it all through the season.
Ninja Dan was second and Ricky T third.
(By the way that photo was from the Opening of Carnival, I was too busy to take photos!)


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