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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Teddyson clears de road

Thursday, July 5th was the morning after the night before! On Wednesday night the CDF had successfully staged the first ever Groovy Soca Monarch. From a field of 20 competitors, three new persons came into winners row.

The show started at 8:30pm with DJ music and the competition got underway shortly after 9pm.

The presentations were tailored to suit the indoor venue at Gaiety on Rodney Bay and ranged from dancers to skits to indoor fireworks and balloons dropping.

Amidst all of that there was a song competition and many of the favourite tracks for the season were on stage.

In the end Teddyson John, who is not new to music, but new to the carnival scene was adjudged the winner with his Coming Down De Road Track. Marie Anne was second with Cheating and Black I finished third with Doh Play Me.

There is certainly a future for groovy soca in St Lucia Carnival and this first outing certainly says that we are off to a great start!


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