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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wet Fete had me soaked!!!!

If you believe that heading then I could fool you with anything!!! As Arturo says conch is not for beginners so try some finger foods first!!
For the first time in a long time I think there was a right fit with venue and event. The stony ground of Samaan’s Park proved to be just what was needed for a wet fete. Similar events have been tried before on the beach and indoors at clubs with foam.
Sunday’s event fit nicely into the calendar of activities for St Lucia Carnival and filled a void that may have been left had there been nothing in the north of the island. There was certainly no shortage of water, there were water trucks waiting in the wings!! Kudos must go to organizers New Generation Entertainment headed by Kurt Elibox.
The event started at 2pm with DJ music, Sir Lance-A-Lot and Levi Chin entertained the patrons while they had a good time under the sprinklers. A section of the grounds was earmarked as the wet zone, there were sprinklers along the wall and on the ground in addition to long hoses. I think the long hoses were a mistake because mischievous or drunk (or both) guys took them into the center of the venue where it was supposed to be safe! The rest as they say is history.
VertX got the live performances off to a great start in their usual rousing way, this set the stage for Ricky T and Nicole. Nicole invited Levi Chin and they performed the remix of her Roadblock song. They were later followed by Platinum George, Ninja Dan and reigning soca monarch Alpha, whose Tic Toc dancers also put in an appearance. The headliner was Onyan and Burning Flames out of Antigua and they thrilled as expected. Onyan sang hits from way back and even did a few St Lucian tracks. He was accompanied on vocals by Patrice and his brother Krokus. They had the audience forming a congaline but I think the thrill for the crowd was when he asked who burnt down the Crystal Lime factory and proceeded to drink from the bottle!! The event ended at 10:30pm.


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