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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bacchanalarization in progress!

When the story of St Lucia's media is told years from now, it will certainly include the hottest personality on radio now! Kwency "Mr Pringles" Griffith made his television debut tonight. Four years ago I sanctioned a suggestion to make him the MC at NG Soca Stage. The tent was new and we wanted an MC that we could claim as ours. Well suffice it to say demand is greater than supply and now if your show does not have Mr Pringles well...
Mr Pringles is on the Wave's afternoon shift and he is an absolute joy to listen to. There is no way that you tune into him and not laugh and wonder to yourself how he is able to keep up the energy.
So this year, the theme for Carnival is 'We Ready Now' and the music from the soca artistes has been forthcoming, we hear track after track and realise that when the local segment comes on in the fete it is absolute abandon. That feeling is referred to as bacchanalarizing. Bacchanalarize is a phrase coined by Mr Pringles and you can no doubt understand the sort of head-gone, bumper-rolling, waist-pelting action it entails.
Thanks to Mr Pringles, the second season of bmobile LIVE, a weekly television broadcast that brings the players to us, will be the hypest ever. Mind you, he asks serious questions and deals with the issues but we love the fact that he personalises the programme. For crying out loud, that's all he knows how to do!!!


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Mad in da building !!!!


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