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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God has a sense of humour

So I am done throwing out challenges and letting the chips fall where they may!! I always say that words and thoughts have moulding power and so I am very cautious with my words but geeeez!!
So I was thinking the gospel concert for jazz would be the best thing yet but it has absolutely gotten better each day!
Yesterday two of my favourite instrumentalists played in the same band. Gerald Albright and Norman Brown. Right you get it now!!! So I have always loved and wanted to play Gerald's 'So Amazing' and he did it!!! Then he and Norman played together and a couple of years ago I had flown to Barbados to see Norman...that's another story!
Al Jarreau and George Benson rocked too. However, what stole the night for me was going to Samaan's Park. There was a jazz after glow there, truth be told I was going for purely selfish reasons that shall remain untold. However, I came away fulfilled The show was a blast. When I say Luther Francois, Adrian Clarke, Ricardo Francois, Will E Smith, Cornelius Simeon and Raf Robertson were on the same stage it should conjure up images of head-bopping, foot-tapping sweet melodies and pure trance! Did I mention there was a standing bass! Ha
I swear God has a sense of humour...I'm done messing with him!


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