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Monday, May 28, 2007

Whitsuntide Weekend 2007 – Partied like it’s my job!!

Well the title does not lie, trust me!! I skipped the regular Friday night street party fare and a fete called ‘Flirt’ did not tickle my fancy. Saturday afternoon I went to a boatride hosted by Signature Events. The music was fantastic, I must say this year the artistes have stepped up to the challenge thrown out to them in past years and have released the music early. We are currently eating out of Ricky T’s palm with his Pressure Boom track. Alpha has the ladies where he wants them with Tic Toc. The DJs on the boat were Shane, Roaks and Levi Chin, so you know the combination was wicked!
I managed to get the second half of Take Over Tent’s launch, while I found the calypsos lackluster, the closing with Ricky T and Alpha had a great effect. I went on to Diva’s Night Out. It was supposed to raise funds to help a cancer stricken woman. Well with about 100 persons there I am sure she needs to continue sourcing funds. Tessanne Chin opened with three numbers, Tami followed with four. After about an hour of DJ Cleus playing all the unedited versions of the latest dancehall music, Nicole David took the stage. Macka Diamond would not perform.
Sunday night saw the staging of another Signature Events fete, one called Mas Camp, it was supposed to be the after party for the Opening of Carnival, which is now postponed to June 3rd. The music was good but the numbers were small.
The weekend ended with Lucian Line Jam, a Mas Action event being staged for the eighth time. It started in 1999 when Carnival was shifted to July. There was an expectant lull and Line Jam filled the void. Dylan Pitcairn, Mas Action’s designer says that while the support from the sponsors is formalized way in advance, the delivery is usually late. He said that there are plans to sell the product overseas, he would like the St Lucia Tourist Board to put it on their calendar of events.
What happens for Line Jam? Big truck, revelers, carnival atmosphere in the streets of Castries.
Da weekend done…back to work again!


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