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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ambassadors Bringing Up The Rear

Johnny Walker Black Ambassadors Tent was last out the gates this season but already they have some of the calypsos in heaviest rotation. As is customary Mr Consistency - Pelay opened the batting and gave patrons an insight into Eleven’s Legacy which spoke about the dates on which many world events occurred and they happened to have had 11 in them. The most impactful was of course December 11th 2006 – St Lucia’s last general elections.

Kendall John, a newcomer to the tent but former two-time Inter-Commercial House Monarch gave a great account of himself. Robbie thrilled the audience with his In Your Cabinet. Pep took the evening to another level with his Reform The Anthem. He sang about St Lucians not meaning what they sing in the anthem. It really struck a chord with the audience and is indeed food for thought…well not reforming the anthem but behavioural and attitudinal change!
The highlight of the tent though, was the first of Bachelor’s two numbers – Abstain. He spoke about the fact that last year’s number encouraged people to use condoms but it got him some flack so this year he is asking them to abstain and forget about all the joys of sex this season. If the airplay it is currently receiving is any indication, it is poised to do really well.

There were clearly some hits and misses but that is expected, however they needs to be properly managed. Bingo made a comeback with two verses after two false starts but newcomer Ronell had no such luck. Rock managed to get an encore – purely out of fun by the pinez! Speaking of pinez, they are very enterprising and Tribonus and Poule Bois have a bread and saltfish business, they were well decked out in aprons and went around the selling.

The second half went off without a hitch but there was much less excitement. The highlight for me was Jackson with Is Magic To Me where he was accompanied by a young pannist from Emerald Steel. Other performers on the night were Nye, Driver, King George and Ginger.

The tent is backed by big band Wézon and the opening night’s MC was Errol Fabien.


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