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Monday, October 01, 2007

September to remember?

Despite the calls to talk shows and the bickering over the actual start date of the tent, Ambassadors celebrated their 25th Anniversary in a show they dubbed "September to Remember". Granted we'll all remember it for different things but remember it we will nonetheless.
The night started with a moment of silence being observed for Jany, George Odlum and Sir John, the latter 2 puzzled me but let's not play the Emperor's New Clothes. Morgie opened with his Island of Sir John, which in my opinion is a 'one night' song. It was a hit in Micoud the first time he sang it but it fell flat at the funeral service and was even less effervescent this time around. Pelay followed him with his tribute Ode to Sir John then he went into Montserrat Jackass and Nostradamus. Emcee Errol Fabien kept the evening light. Calypsonians who are no longer members of the Ambassadors Calypso Tent also joined in the celebration. Tricky was fantastic as were Lady Leen and TC Brown, proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For me, Furior's They Didn't Want to Know was the song on the night that is still quite relevant, he sang it in 1992 and today the same questions about bananas and caribbean unity still abound. Hammer, who has certainly grown to be a tent favourite, first graced the Ambassadors stage in 2000, he did two selections.
Tent leader, Bingo was almost flawless in his delivery. Robbie gave a good account of himself, as did Haggai and Pep.
The guest ariste was the reigning Trinidadian Calypso Monarch, Cro Cro.
The musicians were a combined band, referred to as Reasons & friends and included former backup band Reasons Orchestra's members, current band Wezon's members and Sylvon Sylvester of Trinidad.
While many patrons left not having heard their favourite songs, I was puzzled as to who chose the songs that were actually performed and why the calypsonians did all their songs back to back. Apologies were made for the absence of Bachelor and Jackson.


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