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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rootz Underground rocks St Lucia

Still in the teething stages, the St Lucia Tourist Board hosted this year's Food & Rum Festival. It was the second installment of the festival. The entertainment this year on the first night in the Rodney Bay Village was Vert-X and Rootz Underground. Vert-X got the crowd warmed up and off to a fine start. They ran through tunes from every genre and had whipped the crowd into a party mood who were now anxious for the next act.
With an introduction that only Mr Pringles coud give, Jamaican Roots Rock Reggae band Rootz Underground took to the stage. Coming to St Lucia with only a 5-week #1 hit on tempo, the band showed that they were not the victims of the system! Lead vocalist Stevie G danced his way into the hearts of the fans and won himself rapturous applause several times. With a voice that can be compared to a Marley and lyrics that are equally strong, he ensured that the band's first time made a good impression.
They did some new material that will soon be released on their 2008 album, including Hammer and Riverstone. One of the more involved tracks was Slumberland that was led by keyboard player Scubi who came upfront with the guitarist Jeff, they abandoned their instruments to tell us why 100 gals ah kick off dem door!
When the band left the stage, the audience had been truly entertained and made several enquiries for CDs. We truly enjoyed the interaction with the guys and clearly now their rootz are firmly planted underground in St Lucia. We look forward to their next local performance in the not too distant future.


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