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Monday, November 19, 2007

Caesars Palace has nothing on us!!

For a tiny island to be showcased on Showtime in a non-traditional way is phenomenal. When that way is with boxing, it speaks volumes about vision. Sports tourism in St Lucia is certainly on the rise. On Friday November 16th, 2007 we saw five bouts in total, in differing weight classes. The boxers hailed from England, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and the USA.
Michael Buffer was the ring announcer and our anthem for the main event was sung by Groovy Soca Monarch Teddyson John. The bout saw American Joey Abell emerge victorious over Teke Oruh of Nigeria. That bout, unlike others, went for the allotted number of rounds.
By now, non-St Lucians must be wondering what "hee salop" means as it resounded throughout the stadium with every punch that impacted. In fact, some persons were going there just to ensure it was said!
The Beausejour stadium has now had another sport staged on its grounds and with great success. The ringside seats were all taken up and patrons were too happy to stand on the side to enjoy the event. The stand immediately above the stage was over-subscribed and an adjacent one had to be opened.
Once again, the St Lucia Tourist Board is to be commended for hosting another simply fabulous event! I think they should do it again next weekend! Friday or Saturday? Hey that's their call!


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