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Friday, February 13, 2009

Digicel Spreading Love

On the eve of Valentine's Day corporate giant Digicel teamed up with Radio Caribbean International to share some love.
What a lovely lime (no pun intended) it was. In less than two days, according to RCI's Programme Director, MacNaughton McLean, they were able to pull together a massive after work lime.
Billed as an afterwork concert, the event didn't disappoint. They used DJ HP, Digicel Pantime, and several popular soca acts to launch their new promotion where you pay $20 and talk for 1200 minutes over the next 5 days.
They begun with some 'fastest finger texting' where the MC called out some numbers and the person who was able to put them onto his on her phone the fastest won the corresponding credit.
After that there was entertainment by soca acts led by Platinum George, followed by the reigning Groovy Soca Monarch, the immensely popular Herb Black. He was followed by Teddyson John and Ila Man. Reigning Soca Monarch Ricky T performed to an appreciative and frenzied crowd, boosting the confidence he needs to compete against Bunji Garlin in Trinidad for the International Soca Monarch in a week's time. We wish him well. The evening was brought to a close by Nicole David who is currently employed in a public relations capacity with Digicel.

We are happy when corporate sponsors utilize the culture to get their message across. We look forward to more events of this nature especially outside of the carnival season.


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