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Monday, December 20, 2010

Village back at Christmas!

The showers that threatened the night were hardly enough to deter the patrons who wanted to experience a Village Christmas. Pan music filled the air the venue to immediately set the festive and calypso tone that would define the night.
The idea was to let St Lucia know that Soca Village International is back for Carnival 2011. Village Christmas was an opening night, out of season. One thing was for certain, it wasn’t tent as usual! Arnie Payne opened with a mid-tempo track that warmed up the crowd. TC Brown eased into the groove as only he can, looker ever dapper complete with Fedora and sounding just as good.
When Invader hit the stage there was no doubt that a party was in session, he entertained the audience in his usual style and gave them his popular seasonal favourites like Wood for Christmas and Christmas Story. We were transported back to July for a minute when he performed Stay In Your Section, a tune that helped him capture the Calypso Monarch title. After half an hour, Invader made way for Pelay. Clad in all white, he delivered several of the songs that often signal to many persons it is Christmas in St Lucia. In fact, for many of the songs, Pelay could have conducted the audience! Merry Christmas (St Lucian Style), 36 26 38, Sunshine Christmas and Twadicion Nwel translated to mean Christmas Traditions were some of the strains heard.
Soca Village acknowledges and accepts that music is an integral part of our life and festivities, over the years, the music at Christmas time in St Lucia has been coloured by artistes who have paved the way for the volume of music now available locally. The standard had been set decades ago. For their contribution to Christmas music in St Lucia, three artistes were honoured. Charles Cadet, Jeff “Pelay” Elva and Jn Baptiste “Lucian Parrot” Gaspard. Pelay accepted on behalf of Charles Cadet and expressed how grateful they both were to have been recognized. Lucian Parrot who has not been out in public much was visibly moved and the patrons were happy to see him while the DJ played Soca Zouk for Santa. The presentations were made by Soca Village’s pioneer Ignatius “Invader” Tisin.
Without missing a beat, MC Gilroy “Ezi” Hall introduced Timothy Watkins jr, more popularly known as the Baron, Wezon started the introduction to It’s Christmas Again. Song after song, easily recognized by it’s introduction and infectious melody kept the audience dancing through the night. Also included in his set were It’s Christmas, Spanish Woman only released last year and immensely popular in his native Trinidad & Tobago; Come Go, Come By Me, Feeling It, Say Say and Soca Man among others. When his set ended after about seventy-five minutes and he was soaking wet and had stripped down to his waist-coat, he tried to say good night but the patrons would have none of it! They asked for an encore, he obliged and delivered a couple more minutes of sweet-sounding joy.
Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung took the stage next and without missing a beat, he kept the Christmas spirit in the air from his first track and delivered hits like Maria, Yvonne, Put Jesus In Your Christmas and Nani Wine and his newer tune Percy.
DYP took to the stage to close the show, patrons partied for another hour with them. At the end of the night a good time was had by all and it is clear that Soca Village International is back with a bang. What ever your plans this season, it is clear that the spirit of Christmas is alive in the village. Have an enjoyable time.



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