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Monday, November 19, 2007

Caesars Palace has nothing on us!!

For a tiny island to be showcased on Showtime in a non-traditional way is phenomenal. When that way is with boxing, it speaks volumes about vision. Sports tourism in St Lucia is certainly on the rise. On Friday November 16th, 2007 we saw five bouts in total, in differing weight classes. The boxers hailed from England, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and the USA.
Michael Buffer was the ring announcer and our anthem for the main event was sung by Groovy Soca Monarch Teddyson John. The bout saw American Joey Abell emerge victorious over Teke Oruh of Nigeria. That bout, unlike others, went for the allotted number of rounds.
By now, non-St Lucians must be wondering what "hee salop" means as it resounded throughout the stadium with every punch that impacted. In fact, some persons were going there just to ensure it was said!
The Beausejour stadium has now had another sport staged on its grounds and with great success. The ringside seats were all taken up and patrons were too happy to stand on the side to enjoy the event. The stand immediately above the stage was over-subscribed and an adjacent one had to be opened.
Once again, the St Lucia Tourist Board is to be commended for hosting another simply fabulous event! I think they should do it again next weekend! Friday or Saturday? Hey that's their call!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vino chiunque?

Whether you say vin, vino, wein or wine, it did not matter! The St Lucia Golf & Country Club’s new club house was the place and the occasion was the Bryden’s Wine Tasting for 2007.

The wines were sorted by regions, elegantly displayed and available for sampling. The target market was vast and included wholesalers, retailers, chefs, hoteliers and even doctors!

In keeping with the moment, I had particular interest in the table from Italy/Spain. I left knowing that the Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is now on my wine list, as is the Villa Maria Pinot Noir from The Australian/New Zealand table! Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc and Monkey would also get a pick. Strangely enough there were two sweet wines that got my attention - Cadillac from France and Late Harvest from Chile.

Champagnes are always festive and the Moet & Chandon family did the trick for me!

Vino chiunque? (Wine anyone??)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I am Supergirl!

Your results:
You are Supergirl

Wonder Woman
Iron Man
Green Lantern
The Flash
Lean, muscular and feminine.
Honest and a defender of the innocent.

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I have taken the time to do a superhero quiz (because I had to!) I am about to go to a Management Retreat and one of things I need to say about myself in my introduction is if I were a superhero, which one I'd be!
With my (very) limited knowledge of superheros I called my sister Aquila, simply because she has a toddler who loves Hulk. I told her I thought I'd be Superwoman, she reliably informed me that there is no Superwoman!!!! People just say that because there is a Superman...makes sense!
I did learn that she would like to be Flash because he disappears at will, it appealed to me for a bit but then we started discussing the fact that it can be misconstrued for wanting to shirk responsibility! That's not us! :)
It's surprising the things you'd admit to when you want to see what superhero you'd be! The quiz is quite interesting and I had to admit that I am a flirt who drinks and likes bad boys!!! Doesn't everyone do that??? How do they get by??
So now I am Supergirl!!! That makes me a super daughter, super sister, super aunt, super boss, super friend (I got that extension thing from Mr Pringles...him being Superman and all)

When I grow up what will I be? You got it!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rootz Underground rocks St Lucia

Still in the teething stages, the St Lucia Tourist Board hosted this year's Food & Rum Festival. It was the second installment of the festival. The entertainment this year on the first night in the Rodney Bay Village was Vert-X and Rootz Underground. Vert-X got the crowd warmed up and off to a fine start. They ran through tunes from every genre and had whipped the crowd into a party mood who were now anxious for the next act.
With an introduction that only Mr Pringles coud give, Jamaican Roots Rock Reggae band Rootz Underground took to the stage. Coming to St Lucia with only a 5-week #1 hit on tempo, the band showed that they were not the victims of the system! Lead vocalist Stevie G danced his way into the hearts of the fans and won himself rapturous applause several times. With a voice that can be compared to a Marley and lyrics that are equally strong, he ensured that the band's first time made a good impression.
They did some new material that will soon be released on their 2008 album, including Hammer and Riverstone. One of the more involved tracks was Slumberland that was led by keyboard player Scubi who came upfront with the guitarist Jeff, they abandoned their instruments to tell us why 100 gals ah kick off dem door!
When the band left the stage, the audience had been truly entertained and made several enquiries for CDs. We truly enjoyed the interaction with the guys and clearly now their rootz are firmly planted underground in St Lucia. We look forward to their next local performance in the not too distant future.