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Friday, November 04, 2011

What are the essentials?

Or more appropriately, who are The Essentials? On a cool fall evening in November, I found out when I went to Croton Reservoir Tavern on 40th Street in one of the busiest cities this side of the Atlantic. The poster on the invitation showed a photo of Michel Aubertin and Phil Grajko sitting on a couch separated by Phil's guitar. Let me just say the photo, does not let on what I heard! Truth be told, I knew what to expect from Michel, he was the lead singer in a band I managed from St Lucia. Michel is right up there with the best vocalists. Phil, though shocked me! First off I didn't expect him to be a singing guitartist, let alone be a reggae singing guitarist!
Music is truly a feeling! If it is not in your soul, you can't share it. Michel and Phil met over an essential just after Michel's honeymoon. As they sat on the roof of a Manhattan building, Michel opined that this city was just people on top of people on top of people! Yeah, it is a lot of people. Phil disappeared and Highrises was born. They let us hear it along with The Essentials, Canopy and one that I really liked called One.
The audience was truly engaged and involved, singing along to Bob Marley covers and the skatting of a former Burning Spear member who lends his vocals and percussion skills well.
By the end of their set, everyone was irie. This five-piece band is tightly knit and know where they want to be - in your music player and on your stage. The band is called Morning Sun & The Essentials and I have learnt that the essentials are three things that you can't live without - good herb, good music and good love. Consider yourself officially in the know! Blessed love.

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